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Children’s Dentistry at London Court Dental Clinic

At London Court Dental Clinic, we welcome patients of all ages, including children. We pride ourselves on being a caring and friendly practice that provides an all-in-one solution to your entire family’s needs. We also offer the child dental benefit scheme (CDBS) for eligible children aged 2–17.

Promoting Early Oral Health

Our goal is to help your child avoid everyday tooth decay and have a strong smile that will last years into adulthood. This is why we offer treatment such as preventative cleanings, the application of protective sealants, and the creation of sports mouthguards and night guards to protect their teeth even further.

We believe your child’s first dental appointment should take place right around their first birthday, with regular dental check-ups commencing from 2 – 3 years of age. This allows the child to become familiar with visiting the dentist and helps to alleviate any anxiety they might have.

We ensure their time in our practice is filled with plenty of fun and we love putting a smile on their faces. Once they experience our friendly environment for themselves, they too will love visiting Dr Matin and the London Court Dental Clinic team!

Gentle Dental Care

Should your child require restorative treatment, we can help by providing the care that they need with the comfort that they deserve.

Going to the dentist should be enjoyable, not something that your child fears. That’s why we utilise modern dental technology which allows us to apply very gentle numbing to the child’s mouth without having them feel the injection. This pain-free approach to care ensures that children have a more comfortable experience with us during their treatment.

Your Family Dentists at London Court Dental Clinic

By scheduling regular dental check-ups for your child, our dentists are able to pinpoint problems while they are simpler and easier to correct. Call us today to learn more about creating a positive impact on your child’s future smile.


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