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Emergency Dentist Perth CBD

We understand that tooth pain and accidents can happen out of hours or at the weekend. If you are suffering from pain or have damaged your teeth, then don’t wait days for the next available appointment. Even if our practice is closed, you can call us on our dedicated dental emergency line (08) 9325 4175 and we’ll speak to you about your options. We’re happy to open the practice if you need emergency care if it is outside the hours of 9pm – 5am.  Please note that this service is supplied on a case by case basis. If we are unable to answer your call, your query will be responded to early on the next business day.

What are dental emergencies we can help you with?

Here’s what we can help with and some great tips on what to do until you can book an emergency appointment with London Court Dental Clinic:


If you have a toothache that is keeping you awake at night and you cannot reduce the pain with medication you should call us for an emergency appointment. Try not to rub the area or put on a hot pack. You can try to relieve it with a cold pack. Wash your mouth with lukewarm salty water and ask someone to drive you to your emergency appointment.

Knocked out tooth

If you lose a tooth suddenly from an accident or from a sporting injury London Court Dental Clinic may be able to save it if you get to us quickly. Try to pick up the tooth from the crown and avoid touching any roots you can see. If you have milk on hand rinse the tooth, if not some tepid water just for a few seconds. If you can transport the tooth to us in milk that is perfect but if not you can wrap it in something clean. Try to not exert any pressure on it so that roots do not get damaged. If you have nothing on hand, suck it clean and place it gently back in the socket. Make an emergency appointment immediately to have the best chance of us putting the tooth back!

Gum abscess and swelling

If your tooth pain is causing you discomfort contact our after hour Perth CBD emergency dentist immediately. We will be able to discuss your options and may be able to prescribe some pain relief and or antibiotics. We will talk you through a treatment plan to remedy the infection.

Broken Tooth

If you have broken or chipped your tooth or perhaps the filling and you are experiencing only minimal discomfort, try to get into see us within a week. You may be able to manage the pain level in the meantime with medication and cold compresses. If the pain becomes uncomfortable (above a 7) please call London Court Dental Clinic for an emergency appointment.

Wisdom tooth pain

Wisdom teeth pain can be quite unbearable. You can try to apply an ice pack to the outside of your face which should reduce swelling in about 20 minutes. You can also rinse your mouth out with warm salty water every 2 to 3 hours.

Lost filling or crown

Keep the crown if you are able to. Dab a little bit of clove oil to the area which will numb the pain and then call our Perth CBD emergency dentist immediately.

Mercury Safe Removal Perth

Need an Emergency Dentist in Perth CBD?

Emergency care on demand. Call us on (08) 9325 4175 if after hours.




Emergency Dentist Perth CBD – London Court Dental Clinic