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A Highly-durable, Long-term Solution to Missing Teeth

Dental implants have become a popular solution to missing teeth due to the number of advantages they offer for the patient. Not only does the treatment have a very high success rate (up to 96%), but implants are also unlikely to break, won’t rot, and don’t harm the surrounding teeth in any way.

Because implants are completely independent, patients can rest easy knowing that if they do require additional maintenance or repair in the future, this procedure won’t involve other teeth (unlike bridges). Although implants are highly-durable, they still require the patient to attend regular dental check-ups and maintain their oral hygiene.

The implant consists of a titanium screw that attaches itself to the jawbone and a crown that is secured to the post of the implant. The screw acts as an artificial tooth root that holds the replacement tooth (the crown) in place.

Is an Implant Right for You?

If you’re considering a dental implant as a solution to a missing tooth, the London Court Dental Clinic team are here to help! Dr Matin offers a free 15-minute information session to patients where he discusses the pros and cons of implants, as well as how the treatment could suit their particular circumstances or not. Patients simply need to contact our practice and mention the free implant information session to schedule a time.

While this session serves purely as an informative discussion, rather than a check-up, patients are then able to book a gap-free implant consultation if they are interested in pursing the treatment. This first appointment acts as an examination and study session where x-rays and / or impressions are taken of the patient’s mouth. This allows Dr Matin to develop a personalised treatment plan, as well as advise on the total costs for this treatment.

Once the patient is happy to move forward with the treatment, they will be referred to a local radiographic centre for a CBCT scan. This scan provides a very accurate digital duplicate of the anatomical structure of the mouth and teeth, presenting it in 3D format to help Dr Matin plan the implant insertion. He can then design the patient’s implant according to diameter, length, site etc.

When the study phase has been completed, we will then ring the patient to let them know their implant has been received. From here, we can book an appointment for the patient to have the implant put in. This surgical session takes around an hour, however London Court Dental Clinic uses modern technology, such as laser, in the implant surgery to ensure the process is easier and more convenient for the patient.

Thanks to Dr Matin’s expertise, the entire implant surgery takes place within our practice.

Discover the Difference

Interested in finding out more about dental implants? Contact our practice to schedule your free 15-minute information session today! Financing options are available.Your implant cost can start with a weekly payment as low as $30 per week. Ask us about payment options today.


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