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Inlays & Onlays

Inlays and onlays provide a highly durable restorative service that don’t feature the downside of shrinking material that composite fillings sometimes experience. Once casted, they are made at a local lab using high-quality ceramic or alloy materials. Creation takes just a few days before they are then fitted in the patient’s mouth.

They are particularly useful for replacing old fillings, such as those containing amalgam, and help to strengthen teeth by up to 75 percent. This also makes them beneficial for treating cracked and fractured teeth that are too weak to receive a filling, yet which are not damaged enough to need a crown.

Our Patients’ Needs Come First

Many dental practices offer inlays and onlays as the first choice of tooth restoration due to their high cost, however at London Court Dental Clinic, we pride ourselves on putting our patient’s needs first. Therefore, we’ll only suggest inlays and onlays as a necessary treatment if we believe the tooth cannot be successfully restored in any other way.

Want to Learn More?

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