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Members Club Terms and Conditions

  1. There is no extra cost or annual fee for club membership
  2. From your very first visit to London Court Dental Clinic you will be offered membership to the club. There is no waiting period to start getting benefits of the club membership.
  3. There is no annual limit on the benefits.
  4. 15% membership discount is for any treatment you may need.
  5. Major dental cover is 25% in total with no annual limit (15% for any treatment + additional 10% for major dental = 25%)
  6. Depending on your oral health needs at your first visit our dentist will recommend your regular check up interval and if you miss your scheduled regular check up with more than 3 months you may lose your club privilege. To gain it back a minimum of 6 month waiting period will apply.
  7. Your first visit at London Court Dental Clinic is gap free (see terms and conditions for our gap free dental) so 15% general dental and 25% major dental will apply from your second appointment if you choose to join the club at the end of your gap free first visit.